‘A big, epic, inventive hour.’ - Time Out

‘There’s dancing, gunfire, standing ovations, crowns, audience participation, a singalong to Robbie Williams’s ‘Angels’ and his gran. It is incredibly funny… Bisset-Smith is magnetic.’ - Fest

‘This was a smart show where pains had been taken with writing and construction. Bisset-Smith lays bare the pain of creating a new and original show when there is nothing new under the sun.’ - Chortle

‘It’s brilliantly constructed… Bisset-Smith is an engaging solo storyteller: smart, modern and very funny.’ - List

THE LAST HOURS OF LAURA K written and created by Gabriel Bisset-Smith, Rachel De-lahay, Kenny Emson, Ed Sellek. Directed and Edited by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

“The Last Hours of Laura K is a ground-breaking project”  - Evening Standard

“A pioneering online drama that seeks to harness the increasing interest of “armchair detectives” helping to solve crimes using material found on the internet” - The Independent

Wonderfully engaging. There are echoes of everything from The Matrix to Mike Figgis’ Timecode, from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror” - Flickering Myth

An innovative and groundbreaking new multi-media project that provides users with an immersive digital experience.” - Hunger Magazine

The Last Hours of Laura K' Is the Most Important Show Not on Television” - Inverse

TOILETS - written and directed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

 “Amazing”  - The Guardian

“a humorous drama that looks at life straight in the eye, snorts a line and allows a relationship to develop” Cinema Chords


GUILT & SHAME: GOING STRAIGHT - written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

★★★★★ “Gut-wrenchingly funny, absolutely engaging, and performed with boundless energy by the highly likeable Rob Cawsey and Gabe Bisset-Smith, ‘Going Straight’ is a hilarious but meaningful satire of lad culture, religious cults, homophobic micro-aggressions and Jeremy Clarkson.”  -  Edfringe Review 

★★★★★ “Guilt & Shame: Going Straight is packed full of irony. It's downright filthy, funny, well-written and delivered by two comedians who are committed to their craft.”A View From The Gods

★★★★★ “the boys sweep you along and get you to the end of the hour without much pause in the laughter.”The Middle Peg Review

★★★★ “It is a brash, farcical and brilliant tale of cults, homophobia and Elton John impressions.”Broadway Baby

★★★★ nothing short of genius”Gay Times

★★★★ “an occasionally dark, sometimes touching, and always hilarious exploration of masculinity, sexuality, and the effects of electro-shock treatment.” To Do List 

a solid sentiment lies behind most of the silliness. And this gives the feelgood spirit added potency.” - Chortle

“this show is refreshing in its ability to make you think while keeping the funnies rolling.”The List


SMOKEWritten by Stuart Curran. Directed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

A lovely short film”Dummy Magazine

 “Smoke has a simple concept and it’s very well executed with the editing in particular making this love story in reverse something special.”HeyUGuys


THE CHARMING MAN Written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

 ★★★★★  “A play not to miss”Totally Theatre

 ★★★★ you don't get much more bold and fearless than [this]

astute political satire [...] thoroughly enjoyable”Spoonfed

 ★★★★ “There are buckets of laughs in this witty production. The short journey out to Theatre 503 in Battersea is a must!”Ricci Reviews

 “witty and laugh out loud funny”What’s On Stage

 “it’s the wholly contemporary angle that makes this play stand out.” - The Telegraph

 “Bisset-Smith's play, with its radio shock-jocks and its Tea Party-like populism, is as much about modern America as contemporary Britain.”The Guardian

A brand-new burst of political comedy”The Spectator

 “The Charming Man boasts some snappy dialogue, wise cracking humour and a very charming central performance” – FourthWall Magazine


GUILT & SHAME:  ADDICTED TO EVERYTHING – written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

★★★★★  “One of the best sketch shows on the fringe” – Fresh Air

★★★★★  “one hell of an original sketch show!” – The New Current 

★★★★★ Screaming with laughter would be an understatement to describe just how funny this show was.” – The Latest

★★★★  “a great sketch show that’s not afraid of the dark” – Three Weeks 

★★★★ “Hitting out at subjects of drug addiction, sexual orientation and religion, this is perhaps not a show for the more easily offended punters, but for everyone else it is comedy gold.” – Broadway Baby

★★★★ “This duo have the ability to enact your nightmares in a terrifyingly hilarious manner” – EdFringe Review

★★★★ “energetic, engaging, ever-so-slightly sex-obsessed” – To Do List

“I’m and old fart, and this is for the young people.” – Steve Bennett. Chortle


THRUSH – Written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith. Directed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith & Graham Turner

 “In a world dominated by the digital image and social media, the art of photography has changed so much that now every moment of every waking day appears to be captured. Thrush playfully highlights this theory and uses it to create an utterly absorbing film that draws you into a world we never completely know is fact or fiction.” Short Of The Week

 “Stunning” - Boingboing


GUILT & SHAME: UP ALL NIGHT – written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Robert Cawsey

 ★★★★★ “The guys have written a show that is crude, rude, dirty and funny... it shows a cleverness, originality and maturity – and yes it does sounds weird saying that after seeing it”- The New Current

 ★★★★ it is completely mad yet verging on brilliant.” - SGfringe

 “Gabe and Rob are charming, multi-talented, versatile performers, who mix and match roles and use voiceover, physical comedy and audience collusion to winning effect.” – The List

 “The lowest form of comedy” - Chortle


REACH MEWritten & Directed by Gabriel Bisset-Smith

 ★★★★  “Stellar writing. Like the best of The Twilight Zone or E.C comics of the 1950’s, Bisset-Smith uses a science fiction mechanic to bring a new perspective to a very human drama.”Exeunt Magazine


GUILT & SHAME written by Gabriel Bisset-Smith and Robert Cawsey

 ★★★★ - Fringe Biscuit

 “Welcome to Guilt & Shame, a highly experimental sketch show that takes a sledgehammer to any idea of structure. Sketches are abandoned mid-way, people walk in and out of the room, performers have complete breakdowns while performing, audience members get drafted in to play characters, and all the way through there is a threat of violence”The Skinny

“Clever... nightmarish, Hangover style farce” -  The Sunday Times

 “It’s a sketch show with the most brilliant narrative that’s incredible well written, structured and performed” - Gay Times

“Highly experimental sketch show... unforgettable moments” - The Skinny

“Very clever indeed... sophisticated deconstruction of comedy... has roots in the work of Chris Morris” - Broadway Baby